About the INFP Muse

Being an INFP can be a hard job. But also a spectacular one. 

Our inner world is so vivid and vast, that it sometimes can't help bursting out. And when it does, it's usually intense. Wonderful or tragic. It is intense nevertheless. 

You must have guessed it now: I'm an INFP too. 

That's why I made this site. To inspire others through Music, Art, Creative Ideas and Lifestyle Tips.

Yours Truly,

Aaron from INFP Muse

We're looking for Blogwriters, Co-Authors!

For writing articles on INFP Muse. Topics include Lifestyle, Music Album Reviews, Musician Biographies, Film Reviews and Art Descriptions.


Please contact us and apply through the form below! 

An update is on it's way to the site which includes a community voting system for MBTI (Myers-Briggs Personality Typing Indicator) typing!

We're also looking for typers so if you know quiet a lot about the MBTI, and you're up to it, contact us below!


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